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  • Fairfield residents rally against coal trains



    Media Release 10.07.2015


    Fairfield residents rally against coal trains

     Fairfield residents have called a public meeting regarding the number of uncovered coal trains passing through the suburb, saying they pose an unreasonable public health risk.

     Fairfield resident, Frida Forsberg said the meeting will inform people of the health risks of airborne particulate pollution from the coal trains and what action residents can take to address the problem. 

     Environmental group, Clean Air Queensland released a study earlier this year where it found coal trains passing through Brisbane suburbs where releasing air-borne contaminants that were posing a risk to the health of Brisbane residents. 

     Ms. Forsberg said the study proved that  coal trains were posing a health risk to residents. ‘I want to see the coal trains covered and best practice industry standards enforced. Why can’t they cover the coal trains?’

     Currently, 9 milion tonnes of coal is transported through Brisbane suburbs each year with industry plans to increase this figure to 20 million tonnes. 

     The World Health Organisation has classified airborne particulate pollution from coal trains and stockpiles as a carcinogen which has been linked to increased rates of asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. 

     The meeting will take place at 2pm on Saturday 18th July at the Fairfield Christian Family Church, 51 Cross Street, Fairfield. Included will be guest speakers from Clean Air Queensland, Doctors for the Environment, and landholders affected by New Hope’s Acland coal mine on the Darling Downs.

     Contact: Frida Forsberg 0456 357 594

    or Michael Kane (Clean Air Queensland) 0438 766 230



  • Wynnum residents refuse to live with toxic coal dust pollution


    Concerned Wynnum residents have called on the State Government to demand the coal industry and Queensland Rail cover coal stockpiles and train wagons passing through densely populated areas of Queensland.

    Clean Air Queensland (CAQ hosted a community barbeque yesterday at Wynnum to highlight the issue of toxic coal dust in local homes, schools and workplaces.

    Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) spokesperson, Michael Kane told the gathering that the government, mining companies and Queensland Rail were ignoring their responsibility not to endanger the health of Queenslanders.

    “The people of Wynnum and others living along coal train lines from Brisbane to the port have had enough and are demanding action from this government to stand up for them against the powerful coal industry,” said Mr Kane.

    Wynnum resident of 43 years, Colleen Durnian spoke of concerns for her husband’s health as his asthma was worsening as the coal dust in and around their house increased.

    “The front of my house is black and it’s a struggle to keep the coal dust out,” Mrs Durnian said. “His asthma is increasingly getting worse and we can’t understand why they just won’t cover the coal to stop the problem.”

    Exposure to particulate pollution from substances like coal dust is known to cause asthma, lung cancer and respiratory illnesses.

  • Clean Air Qld to host community BBQ event on coal dust in Brisbane

    Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) will host a community BBQ on the Wynnum foreshore tomorrow to highlight the issue of toxic coal dust in homes, schools and workplaces.

    Wynnum residents are living with coal pollution emitted from the coal stockpile at the Brisbane Port and from nine million tonnes of uncovered coal that is transported through their suburb every year by trains.

    CAQ members, locals and other Queenslanders are calling for coal trains to be covered when passing through densely populated areas including 21 suburbs of Brisbane, and the towns of Toowoomba and Ipswich.

    Clean Air Queensland this week released a study, ‘Health Hazard in our Suburbs’ that found  coal trains passing through Wynnum were emitting up to 900% higher pollution readings than normal levels.

    CAQ spokesperson, Michael Kane said that the study supported what many people in Wynnum have been saying all along: That they have coal dust in their homes and it is making some of them sick.

    Coal dust has been declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation and there is no safe level of exposure to coal dust especially for the sick, elderly and children.

    Mr Kane said that Queensland Resource Council and other mining representatives were invited to attend the event to hear first-hand how their industry is effecting residents.

    What: Clean Air Queensland's Community BBQ

    When: Saturday, May 9 at 1pm

    Where: Wynnum Water Park, corner of The Esplanade and Charlotte Street, Wynnum

    Contact: Michael Kane Ph. 0438 766 230

  • Clean Air Qld invites mining industry to community event on coal dust

    Instead of trying to “shoot the messenger”, the Qld Resources Council should support community efforts to keep Brisbane free of coal dust pollution, says Clean Air Queensland (CAQ).

    CAQ, over several months, monitored coal dust pollution from trains passing through densely-populated areas of Brisbane.  The report  - ‘Health Hazard in our Suburbs’ – was released today and shows coal train pollution readings of 900 per cent above normal levels.

    “Not surprisingly, the QRC has criticised our report instead of working with the community and the government to fix what is recognised as a worldwide problem,” CAQ spokesman, Michael Kane said.

  • ‘Health Hazards in our Suburbs’

    Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) today released the results of an air quality monitoring study that show alarming rates of pollution in Brisbane associated with dust from coal trains travelling to the Port of Brisbane.  

    Down load study here

    The study - ‘Health Hazard in our Suburbs’ – shows coal train pollution readings of 900 per cent above normal levels. 

    CAQ’s spokesperson, Michael Kane said the study showed coal trains were emitting “alarming amounts of pollution” as they passed close to homes, schools and workplaces. 

    “The report shows that coal trains are regularly emitting dangerous levels of air pollution in Brisbane suburbs and the government must now act to protect the community,” Mr Kane said. 

    Using industry-standard air quality monitoring equipment, CAQ members monitored particle pollution levels along the Brisbane train line at Wynnum, Fairfield and Morningside. Exposure to particulate pollution is known to cause asthma, lung cancer and respiratory illnesses. The World Health Organisation has classified it ‘a carcinogen’.



  • Anzac Day and Acland Coal Mine

    Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) campaigners today called on the State Government to save the Darling Downs’ town of Acland from further devastation by rejecting the expansion of the New Hope’s coal mine. 

    The mine already surrounds the Acland War Memorial in Tom Doherty Park, the site of tomorrow’s ANZAC Day ceremony. The State Government, by April 30, is expected to decide whether to allow New Hope’s stage 3 expansion.

    CAQ coordinator Michael Kane said it would be a wonderful gesture by the ALP to announce tomorrow that it was saving the revered Memorial, the park and the town from the mine expansion. 

    Mr Kane will attend tomorrow’s ANZAC Day ceremony to support Acland’s last remaining landowner, Glenn Beutel, whose family helped establish the ANZAC Memorial. Mr Beutel has maintained the park and the Memorial for many years. 

    “This year it is especially important that the community shows support for Glenn and the families of Acland as the decision on the stage 3 expansion nears,” Mr Kane said.

  • Queensland has a lot to learn from NSW pollution report on health impacts of coal


    The Queensland Government should seriously examine the Coal and Health in the Hunter report released by the Climate and Health Alliance today, says Clean Air Queensland (CAQ).

    The report estimated that burning coal for electricity in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales alone produced health damage costing about $600 million annually from the air pollution produced.

  • Clean Air Queensland State Election Launch

    Michael Caton to appear at Clean Air QLD Event.
    You are invited!! to Clean Air Queensland's state election event  for a Coal Dust Free Queensland with special guest Michael Caton from the Classic Australian movie the Castle.
    Join us at  Morningside Train Station, Wynnum road Brisbane this Thursday 22nd of Jan by 11.45 am
    Michael will be joined by Lock the Gate President Drew Hutton, Clean Air Queensland's Michael Kane  and local residents to highlight the health effects that coal pollution is having on 40 000 children who attend school and day care within 1 km of the SE QLD coal corridor.

  • Clean Air Queensland targets marginal seats over Acland mine expansion back-flip



    Environmental lobby group, Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) will target marginal electorates across south-east Queensland in answer to the LNP’s back-flip on the expansion of the New Hope mine at Acland.

    The Premier Campbell Newman and the LNP Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington broke their promise made before the 2012 election not to allow the expansion of the mine.

    CAQ spokesperson Michael Kane said: “The LNP reversed a core election promise after receiving $700,000 in political donations from the New Hope Coal Group, the owner of the Acland mine.”

    The mine, 150 kilometres west of Brisbane and within a few kilometres of the townships of Acland, Jondaryan and Oakey, is a significant contributor to the 12 million tonnes of coal that will be transported in uncovered wagons through the towns of Oakey, Toowoomba, Ipswich and 21 suburbs of Brisbane as they make their way to the Brisbane port near Wynnum.

  • Broken Promise- Acland Stage 3 approved.

    State Government betrays Queenslanders with approval of Acland mine expansion

    Clean Air Queensland spokesperson Michael Kane has vowed to make the State Government’s broken promise on Acland Mine stage 3 a major election issue.

    “Campbell Newman has walked away from a core election promise not to approve the mine expansion and the LNP government has declared war on the health of Queenslanders,” Mr Kane said.

    “Clean Air Queensland will target each electorate along the coal line from the Darling Downs to Brisbane that will be impacted by this back-flip.”

    He said New Hope Coal had donated $700,000 to the LNP and stood to benefit massively from this decision. “Queenslanders should be told more details of the relationship between the government and the coal company before the next election.”

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