Fairfield residents rally against coal trains



Media Release 10.07.2015


Fairfield residents rally against coal trains

 Fairfield residents have called a public meeting regarding the number of uncovered coal trains passing through the suburb, saying they pose an unreasonable public health risk.

 Fairfield resident, Frida Forsberg said the meeting will inform people of the health risks of airborne particulate pollution from the coal trains and what action residents can take to address the problem. 

 Environmental group, Clean Air Queensland released a study earlier this year where it found coal trains passing through Brisbane suburbs where releasing air-borne contaminants that were posing a risk to the health of Brisbane residents. 

 Ms. Forsberg said the study proved that  coal trains were posing a health risk to residents. ‘I want to see the coal trains covered and best practice industry standards enforced. Why can’t they cover the coal trains?’

 Currently, 9 milion tonnes of coal is transported through Brisbane suburbs each year with industry plans to increase this figure to 20 million tonnes. 

 The World Health Organisation has classified airborne particulate pollution from coal trains and stockpiles as a carcinogen which has been linked to increased rates of asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. 

 The meeting will take place at 2pm on Saturday 18th July at the Fairfield Christian Family Church, 51 Cross Street, Fairfield. Included will be guest speakers from Clean Air Queensland, Doctors for the Environment, and landholders affected by New Hope’s Acland coal mine on the Darling Downs.

 Contact: Frida Forsberg 0456 357 594

or Michael Kane (Clean Air Queensland) 0438 766 230



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