Community alliance formed to tackle coal dust pollution

A new alliance of community groups today announced plans tackle the issue of particulate pollution along the West Moreton coal train line.

Clean Air Queensland, a community alliance of groups and individuals including the Lock the Gate Alliance, Friends of the Earth, Rosewood District Protection Organisation, Oakey Coal Action Alliance, and Parents Against Coal Dust has formed as a result of community concern on the health impacts of coal dust.

Clean Air Queensland spokesperson Hannah Aulby said, “Like the communities in the Hunter Valley, we too deserve to know the facts about the particulate pollution coming from coal mining and trains.”

“Coal companies and the Queensland government have for too long hidden the true story from residents. The Senate Inquiry on Air Quality released early this week proves that we need better protection for our communities’ health.”

“The community is left with no choice but to do it ourselves, as our concerns about the health impacts of coal dust are not being taken seriously by government or industry. We will work directly with world-leading scientists to get proper research done on coal dust in our community,” concluded Ms Aulby.

Towards this goal, the community groups have approached Professor Lidia Morawska, Director, International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at the Queensland University of Technology, who has confirmed her willingness to serve the community with her expertise in the field of the investigations.

Clean Air Queensland will be launching detailed plans for their work on coal dust in the coming weeks.

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Agree that coal needs to be covered. The bigger issue is should coal really be mined? The other thing is that the Government may just move coal to road trucks, hence creating much more of a problem. Covered trains is far more preferable to thousands of B-doubles and B-triples road trucks. There is also a much bigger issue with road vehicle emissions impacting health, than just the coal dust.